Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rounding some things up

My post on ditching hormonal birth control brought some interesting resources and information to me, and I am grateful for that. I have been using Fertility Friend to keep track of my temperature and cervical mucus. I am no professional... yet! However, I am going to write more on why women bear a greater environmental burden than our male counterparts-- biologically and through socio-economic factors.


My son carries on entire conversations in his sleep. I think he is dreaming, but he used to do this only before developmental milestones. I wonder what is coming up!


We're having some naked time this weekend to start potty training. I'm not sure The Boy is ready, but we're going to find out. If he's not ready, we'll try again in a few weeks.


Dawn said...

Good luck with the potty training! :)

We've not even tried yet. I usually wait closer to the age of three before I even try.

Have a fun weekend. :)

Maria said...

Hey Dawn! If he wasn't going twice a day at daycare, I wouldn't try either! LOL!

Anonymous said...

boys take longer to train....if at first you don't succeed.....sometimes it's worth just sticking with the diapers than putting up with the one went to college in pullups...


Maria said...

...hence the "if he's not ready we'll try again in a few weeks..."
I'm not sweating it. It's a fun adventure, but nothing for me to sweat. He's young...very young, IMO, for toilet learning.

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