Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An awesome breastfeeding advertisement

Blacktating posted this advertisement yesterday, and I have to say-- I LOVE IT-- for two reasons.

  1. The baby is not covered, yet you cannot see her breast. Hello world! I realize some women are not comfortable with pulling the shirt down or up, but there is an entire line of clothing dedicated to keeping your tummy and shoulder area covered.
  2. The entire family is pictured, and the photo reflects a lot of love. It also says, to me, that people should not be ashamed to look at a nursing mother, because breastfeeding is natural, not something to be disgusted by or avoid.
More information on the advertisement can be found here


katandkarl said...

diggin the dad in the image.

Blacktating said...

I love the ad, too, for the reasons you stated and a few more. One, it's a black family and I think most people don't associate black people with breastfeeding. It also will (hopefully) show other black moms that breastfeeding is for them, too. It's not a "white" thing, it's just the perfect food for ALL babies, period.
Also, I love the dad, too. This ad shows that breastfeeding is a family affair, even though dads can't nurse. The whole family is very much a part of it, by supporting the mom. Beautiful!

Maria said...

Great points. I love it for those above, but like it for many others. Overall, I think it is a great advertisement. :)

sasspot said...

it's amazing to think that i will be breastfeeding soon. like the ad.

4 Lettre Words said...

How exciting! Thank you for sharing.

Melodie said...

Best ad I've seen, not only because the family is there too but also because the family is black. And ALSO because she is nursing from abover her shirt. I don't think too many moms do that. I recently wrote a post on this actually. You can see it here.

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