Friday, April 3, 2009

Comment Policy Revisted

I rejected a comment today for the first time in a long time. I had noted the IP in the past when borderline comments were made, but this time it was too much. This person continually makes hurtful and inappropriate comments, and to complicate the matter, I am fairly certain I know this person in real life. Actually, I KNOW I know this person in real life. IP tracing and syntax gave the commenter away. I am not sure why the person continues to read my blogs (yes, the person visits my family blog too) when it is obvious that they are upsetting or otherwise not enjoyable for the reader, but from this point forward, none of the comments from the work IP will be published-- worthy or not.

If you are new or old and have not reviewed the Comment Policy , I encourage you to do so now.


Angel said...

Maria, I am sorry this happened to you. Just know some people have to much time on their hands, or have issues of their own. Whatever it is, it is not your issues it is that person's.
I am sorry if you were hurt.
Keep Blogging you are cool!

Maria said...

It's all good. It is their problem, and I do not have to allow it on my blog. :)

Patrick and Amanda said...

sorry that person is so rude...just know there are so many people who read your blog all the time and love it!!

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