Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ten Goods from Ten Mistakes

As I said, Erin sent me ten good things that come from days I fail (or feel like I fail) The Boy.

1. You get to experience God's forgiveness
2. Your son gets to see you demonstrate repentance
3. Your son gets to see that you are a sinner too
4. You get to pray with your son
5. Your son forgives you quickly and reminds you that we should all be as quick to forgive as children are
6. You learn about what you can do better next time
7. You get to blog about it and share wisdom with others
8. You get to ask God to grant you another chance tomorrow
9. You get to remind yourself that your righteousness is not based on how well you do
10. You get to remind yourself that how your son turns out is not solely dependent upon you, but on God's work in his heart


dulce de leche said...

Beautiful! I just recently stumbled across you blog, but I am enjoying it tremendously. Thank you so much for sharing!

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