Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a difference God makes.

Let me start by saying -- by no means is this post meant to be in a complaining tone, nor is it to generate pitty. I live a very blessed and amazing life, but like all people, some times are harder than others. This past week... well, it pretty much stunk.  The Boy got a cold. Kevin was injured in a game. I caught The Boy's cold. Work was out of control. I am trying to wrap up my requirements for my Master's degree. Insanely, I decided to do the front landscaping (well, most of it) Saturday, and last night The Boy woke up every two hours or so complaining that his ear hurts. Today after church (and yes, during nap time), I took him to after hours care, because I knew if he napped first, we would go there later and wait...for HOURS instead of an hour.
The point of all of this?
I could have spent the week in a horrible mood. I could have been super stressed. I could look at it all in a completely negative light. I could allow the entire situation to overwhelm me and my normally positive attitude.
Instead, I took care of what I could and left the rest to God through prayer. Each day I would take care of what I could, and what I couldn't? I would leave that at Jesus' feet. 
I was not always like this. Overwhelming life events used to...well, overwhelm me. They would take me over and control me, but I have turned that over, and the result is a much happier and more productive me!
It's all a part of my journey.


dulce de leche said...

Hugs to you, and prayers for your family. :)

Jean L. said...

Your words are honoring God and he loves it.

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