Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Breast Crawl

I know many people have viewed the videos on a baby doing the breast crawl, but I wanted to post it on my site as encouragement and reassurance to the many first time (and first time to be) mothers in my circle of friends!  Babies know how to nurse, and UNICEF, WABA, and WHO produced this video of a woman in India to show us all (and encourage breastfeeding). Like all mammals, human babies know how to find the mother's breast and will scoot, squirm, wiggle and bob until they find it-- if allowed to!  Watch the video and be impressed. I know I am.


Rebecca said...

It's amazing how rare this actually occurs in our country. I've attended nearly 50 births and can say that I've seen this truly happen ONCE. The woman planned an unmedicated birth for the sole reason of ensuring that her baby would maintain the capability to crawl to her breast. She did it. The baby crawled to the breast and latched on. I video taped and cried. Mid-way through the event, the nurse walked into the room to conduct the usual postpartum checks (which usually interrupt the crawl), but when she saw what was happening, she quietly stepped back out. That is perfection!

Maria said...

I accidentally rejected anon's comment, and while I am not a fan of anonymous comments, I wanted to address this one-- but I do not have time now. Here it is-- copy and paste from the email. Sorry for the mistake...

"THIS is depriving the baby of much needed food. how dare these women starve their babies for up to an hour just to satisfy their own outlandish ideas? this is a mild form of child abuse and all mothers who put their babies through this should have their children removed by CPS"

Anonymous said...

I'm not anon, I'm Steve. "..starve up to an hour"???? How can a baby who just came from food starve in an hour? Most babies lose wieght in the first day as their little stomachs get adjusted.

I know nothing about this subject but if someone is going to knock it they need a much stronger argument that "starve for an hour."

Take a child away!! Idiotic.

Anonymous said...

So everytime its time for a feeding,these obviously demented mothers force their babies to go through this labor just to get what it needs for survival? To fight for nourishment that needs to live? You are all incompetent mothers who do not deserve children.I pray for those childrens safety.

Maria said...

It is apparent that "anonymous" does not understand the breast crawl. For "anonymous's" information-- From

"Every newborn, when placed on the mother's abdomen, soon after birth,
has the ability to find its other's breast all on its own and to decide when to take the first breastfeed. This is called the 'Breast Crawl'."

This does not allow the baby to "starve," but rather allows nature to take its course in the baby finding the breast when baby is ready for its first nursing session. This hour of contact is incredibly beneficial for the baby and mother.

Beyond these statements, anonymous' comments will no longer be published so long as they contain inaccurate information and name-calling. I published the comments to address the concerns. However, the comments are out of line with this blog's comment policy, which can be found (via link) in the left side bar.

Rebecca said...

Anon states that mothers are making their babies crawl to the breast for every feeding. That is not what happens. The Breast Crawl occurs at birth.

Also, the purpose of the crawl is not for performance or entertainment. It's a natural instinct for babies. There is a benefit for mothers - the baby's feet press against her uterus as it crawls, encouraging the uterus to clamp down and stop bleeding. If the baby doesn't do it, someone else usually has to. Nurses, doctors, or midwives will manually massage the uterus with their hands if the baby isn't there to do it. Both accomplish the same thing, so I'm not saying that a bay HAS to do this. It is amazing, though, that every function at birth serves a biological purpose.

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