Friday, May 8, 2009


Those of you reading my family blog know why this blog has been neglected the past few days. All of you reading here, I think, know what type of parent I am, and I definitely put my son's well-being above blogging, so once you read the story it should be no surprise.

Daycare Drama I
Daycare Drama II

Kevin will be home Saturday, and I promise to finish this series. I am sure you all understand. I apologize for the delays, but The Boy wins over blogging every day.


Carol said...

This sounds awful! I hope it gets resolved and that both The Boy and you are happier! Blogging can wait!


Tammy B said...

Sorry about the daycare drama! We recently had some ourselves, but we were able to pull out before we even put our girl in the center. Fortunately, we saw some important red flags at the last minute and were able to avert what would become a troublesome situation. Good luck finding something better.

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