Sunday, May 17, 2009

Knock each other down or unite?

Back when I was going through the Disciples Streamers ' lessons, I copied this quote. I think of it often when I see tests being applied by persons on Earth.  From page 119 (lesson four):
Paul’s letter [referring to I Corinthians 12: 12-27 ] suggests that the people of the earliest Christian churches were much like people today. Christ’s followers seem to have always struggled for ways to keep people of different ideas, talents, cultures, and opinions from getting sidetracked in quarrels. Such quarrels are most likely to lead to divisions when each side sees the issues only from their own viewpoint; those with other viewpoints are seen as un-Christian—so “not part of God’s family.” When this happens, a single viewpoint may end up being used as a test of fellowship for belief in Christ—one that divides Christians, the very idea that Stone-Campbell churches were formed to prevent. Sadly, divisions rising from such quarrels have a way of knocking the knees out from under those who are trying to be faithful in sharing Christ’s story and God’s love with the world.
Any time any doubt or question pops in to my mind about a fellow Christian, I am reminded of the passage and versus in the lessons. I have yet to meet the perfect person-- perfect Christian-- and I know I am not that person, so who am I to say that another Christian is wrong and I am right? For the most part, I don't (exceptions being some extremes such as you must spank to raise a Christian child and patriocentricity).
We are all one family, even when we disagree. Are you knocking people down? 


Anonymous said...

We were talking at The Shack discussion group on Tuesday about keeping the institution out of religion - how the institution likes to draw lines the sand to keep people in a little box or to judge them if they cross the line, whereas Jesus calls us to be in relationship with him and love as he loves. Love God, love our neighbor. That's it. those aren't even lines or rules, they are principles that should shape every aspect of our lives.

It is hard not to judge, but that is really not our job. Our job is to love and let God make the final decisions.

Not easy, but very rewarding, I think!


ps. are you back? did you leave? I know you weren't in church and have not kept up with you as well as I would like to lately...

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