Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Feature: Vitamix

One of the changes I have been wanting to make is to add some of my favorite books, products, places to shop, etc. On the new site, there will be pages for these things as well, but I also wanted to post on some as well. At first I thought I might do "What I Like Wednesdays" but then considered tagging along with my friend, Erin , on her Spotlight Saturdays, but instead I am going to have "Friday Features."  
My first "Friday Feature" is the Vita-Mix Blender . I had thought for a while that I might like one, and when I finally made the commitment, and it was a commitment, I was incredibly hopeful but hesitant. We've had it for a couple of months now and the Vita-mix has not disappointed for one second. It is high powered, easy to clean, and incredibly fun to experiment with on a daily basis! 
I used the code on Tiffany's blog (Nature Moms Blog) to get free shipping, and then turned around and spent $7.50 on her Green Smoothie Recipes for Kids  book.  While experimentation has been fun, her book has provided inspiration and sure to be good recipes for when I haven't the energy to figure it out on my own.
You might be wondering how The Boy feels about all the (non-dairy) smoothies we have been consuming? He LOVES them! Yes, even the ones with a lot of spinach! Without the vitamix, we would have never discovered the joy of smoothies!
Hmm...seems this Friday Feature is a double feature! :)


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