Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Go Local!

Tasha at Tasha Does Tulsa informed me (and others) that this week is Local Food week in Oklahoma! I had no idea! In my ideal world, I would eat nothing but local organic food. When it comes down to it though, I will usually choose a local item from a farmer I have come to know over an organic item from half a world away. Why? The big picture-- overall environmental impact-- the process involved with organic certification (long story for another post) and taste.  In honor of local food week, I will spend the rest of the week sharing some of my favorite local food options, as well as some favorite links and other options for those wanting to find a local option. 

Without further adieu, let's get rolling!
While my family does not consume a lot of meat, we do like a good steak and do eat chicken. I also like to throw a good party. (We had one last Saturday where we served beef and chicken tacos.)  In Tulsa, we have several excellent resources for meat purchases. My favorite is Natural Farms located at 4th and Utica. They also have a south Tulsa store.

Natural Farms offers a co-op bag of meat  available weekly, as well as a store to drop in and shop.  They raise their own beef, and when I shop there, they are alway willing to offer suggestions, answer questions, and take the time to help me select the right cut of meat.  They also sell eggs, jams, and a variety of local products, as well as some others.  They are able to maintain reasonable prices by processing the meat themselves. 

Have you visited Natural Farms? Is there a local butcher in your town that you frequent? Are you going local?


Anonymous said...

Unprocessed foods hold alot of germs that are killed when pasteurized

Maria said...

This post is about a local butcher. However, along the lines of the "anonymous" poster, whose purpose obviously is to harass this blog, processed foods hold a lot of germs that are introduced during the manufacturing process, not to mention additional chemicals, decreased nutrition content, and a host of other issues.

Anonymous said...

My purpose is not to harass, but to educate and inform.

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