Monday, June 29, 2009

It's My Birthday, and I'll Give if I Wanna!

Yes. It is my birthday week. While normally I would not announce this, I have decided my birthday is cause enough for a contest!

How is this possible? And WHY?

Well, giving is very important to me-- giving time and/or money to others. So-- for my birthday (it's Friday, btw), I am going to write about giving, and I am sponsoring a contest. All you need to do is write a post (leave a comment/link so I know where to find it!) about what giving means to you. Any type of giving.
The prize? Well, I will make a $100 donation in your name to the charity/cause of your choice. Sorry, but your wardrobe budget is not going to count as a cause!
All I ask is that you please be honest!

On Thursday at 10p.m. Central time zone I will draw winners using a random number generator.
So-- 1 post could equal $100 for your cause.


phdmama said...

I love your contests! Here is the link to my post:

Take a guess which organization I would like the money to go towards, should I win!

Thank you for all you do to change the world!

Del said...

Could this idea have to do with your church sermon the previous week? Ours was about being generous in your life and giving to others.

Just a thought.

I will work on a post this week for sure!

And happy early Birthday!


Maria said...

Del-- I don't know! I was in Chicago and missed church!

Del said...



Heidi said...

Hmm...ok, I'm game. I'll post something either today or tomorrow.

care said...

happy birthday maria!

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