Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Parenting with Grace

Today, I share a piece written by Dulce. I read her blog regularly, and when she posted a piece on how God has parented her and how it influences her parenting, I had to share here!

Two of my favorite portions of her writing are:

I had memorized Romans 6 as a child. I know that as believers we are called to holiness. Suddenly, though, something was illuminated in my heart. Freedom from sin didn't come from being afraid of punishment. I didn't stop sinning because I was scared of what God would do to me. It came as He filled my heart with love for Him. I had something so much more satisfying in Him that the sin lost it's appeal.
It is very easy for me to fall into arrogance and pride, demanding obedience simply because it is convenient for me, and reacting to their mistakes harshly. Spanking would have been an easy way for me to justify revenge on my children for not catering to my pride. Yet that isn't the way Jesus treated the disciples. It isn't the way He treats me. His example was one of humility and service. He washed their feet. He explained things over and over, even if they should have gotten it the first time. He taught by example.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog. I know I will enjoy reading it. You might want to read my daughter's blog


jen said...

beautiful. that is so true - he does fill our hearts with love for Him.

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