Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yo Mo! Where have you been?

As those of you still stopping by have probably noticed, I have been silent for almost three weeks now. I first stopped for a family trip to Minnesota, but then I was home less than a week before heading to Davis, California for training.  
While in Minnesota I thought hard about where this blog is going and what I wanted to do, only to land back in Tulsa and second guess my determination. I took more time in Davis reflecting on why I was second guessing myself. Basically it boils down to me putting myself out here for the world to see-- my flaws, passions, journeys through life-- it can be scary to be this open-- vulnerable to the world-- yet I know that I enjoy writing and would have it no other way! Some have told me that I should not share the challenges, but who wants to read a blog that is all roses? Not me. I do not even want to write a blog that is all roses. LOL!
Hopefully sooner than later, this blog will be getting a makeover. A professional makeover at that!  
I am going to continue to write, but this summer might be a bit sporadic while I work through some changes in life.  
Oh. Yes. Today I was asked to sit down and talk about my career direction. The result is that I am applying for a temporary position in Washington DC (three months or so), and if selected, I will return to a different position in my District. No, I have not performed poorly. However, if I want to be well-aligned for the positions in my career path, I need to make this change. It will be a bit of a stretch for me at first, but in the long run, I believe I will love my new position as much as my current position-- if not more. 
I have some posts started, so hopefully I can get more "regular" in my posting again! I miss writing!


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