Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Feature: Domestic Abuse Invervention Programs-- The Duluth Model

Heidi won my birthday contest, and as a part of that, I am featuring her organization/charity of choice this Friday. Yes, I am still donating $100, and as I learned yesterday, I can do that online.  The donation will go to the Domestic Abuse Invervention Program (DVIP) in Duluth, Minnesota. 

DVIP is the organization that founded the nationally and internationally recognized Duluth Model. In summary,

"The Duluth Model provides a method for communities to coordinate their responses to domestic violence through an inter-agency approach that brings the justice and human service interventions together with the primary goal of protecting victims from ongoing abuse."
 DVIP also provides training and resources to help those in the community to implement The Duluth Model when dealing with domestic violence.

Take a few minutes to look at their website and learn more about the work they do in combating and protecting all whom are impacted by domestic violence.


Rebecca said...

Awesome! I just heard a story on MPR about domestic abuse on the rise in elderly couples. More organizations need to intervene to help and prevent, and I'm glad you are donating.

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