Sunday, July 12, 2009

Love is the Point

I found this video through a blog called Rethinking Youth Ministry. The song is controversial and includes a couple of words that probably could have been left out (namely sh*t and d*mn), but the message is clear--  what REALLY matters?  Loving ALL people or spewing a full range of hate at people because of  differences. If you look through the comments on the song (this version and others on youtube), you will see people concerned more with the use of the word sh*t than the fact that people are dieing or being treated like ... well sh*t ... because they are different. This applies not only to sexuality, but to the way in which some people treat other people. The comments are full of judgement and, well, hate.
For Christians, we are commanded by Jesus to love God and one another.
All of this to get to my real point. When Mr. Webb asks, 
Tell me, brother, what matters more to you?
Tell me, sister, what matters more to you? 
I have to wonder-- based on what I see in the world around me-- what does matter?  Do I care more about people living like me or loving all people? Do I care more about helping those in need or fulfilling my selfish desires? Do I care more about loving God or loving my earthly possessions? Do I care more about poeple's lifestyles or people dieing?

I wish in all cases I could say I have cared more about loving, but I know I am prey to fault as well and do not always make the right choices. 
As for the lyrics--
'Cause we can talk and debate until we're blue in the face
About the language and tradition that he's comin' to save
Meanwhile we sit just like we don't give a shit
About 50,000 people who are dyin' today
I think that pretty much says it all. All of the debate in the world does not matter if we do not love one another and reach out to those in need.

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