Saturday, August 8, 2009

Breastfeeding in Italy

I started this post after we returned from Italy in March 2009, but I never finished it. What better time to do so than now?

Before we left for Milan, I was a bit anxious about nursing a toddler on the flights and abroad.  I was used to how nursing a two year old was seen in my every day life-- primarily in Tulsa and Minnesota. I have a great support system and know The Boy's rights well. Going to a new country though? For some reason I was a bit anxious about that.

Like many things in my time as a parent, I was worried for no reason. Not once did I notice anyone giving me a strange look. Not once did anyone mention to me that I should not nurse my toddler. For that matter, I received nothing but support from those around me. I am not sure if it is because a nursing toddler is quiet on a long journey or if they simply did not care one way or the other, but the flights were without incident, and so was our time in Italy. I nursed The Boy all over the place-- planes, trains, cafes, tours, etc. If anything, I recieved more smiles and positive reactions than at any other time during our nursing history.
I do not know if all of Italy is like what we experienced in Milan and Venice, but I do know that I appreciated the attitude of those around me. 


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