Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Childbirth and Medicine

There are a lot of things I am a fan of, and there are some things I am not. Truth be told, I am not a fan of so called "modern" or "western" medicine primarily because often times it overlooks prevention and holistic options in favor of a wonder pill (with side effects) and surgery. Certainly the issue is more complicated than that, but as time passes, I research more and find myself increasingly withdrawing from their services. Certainly, in an emergency, I would seek the attention I need (or my son), but for the most part, no thank you.
What does all of this have to do with childbirth? I believe childbirth to be one area where normal has been taken over and redefined by medicine when, in fact, our bodies are perfectly designed to labor and deliver babies. Yes, some women are at a higher risk and in some cases cesareans are needed, but the scare tactics and judgments employed by medical professionals make me sick.
In spite of maintaining a positive overall feeling about my son's birth, I know now that a lot of things were overlooked. I am 99% sure my estimated due date was very wrong, which set off a series of interventions. Fortunately, I was in a country where the epidural was allowed to wear off, so I could stand to push, but in hindsight, I should have been more informed and in charge up front.
A blogger I read regularly and have linked to previously-- Rebecca-- is doing a series of posts based on a Medscape article "The Real Risks for Cesareans: An Expert Interview With Pamela K. Spry, BSN, MS, CNM, PhD" by Dr. Katharine Hikel, which touches on a wide range of topics. I highly recommend reading her series. It is enlightening and, I believe, ongoing!
Part 8-- Induction


katandkarl said...

ah yes, my first OB (at my 8 wk appt) told me my husband was tall and i was short (really!? i was unaware) so my baby might not fit. huh? starting with the seeds of doubt early much?

Hippie Housewife said...

For both of my pregnancies so far, I have had to argue with my doctors about my due date. I have tracked my cycle for years now and I know how long my cycle is, and it is definitely not the 28 days that their little circle calendar assumes it is. I wonder at every single appt, when I have to re-convince them of my due date, how many women go along with the due date given by their doctors, not realizing that it could be off by a week or more based on their own individual cycles. No wonder so many women are induced because they are "overdue".

Maria said...

When The Boy was born, the doctor said it looked like he was not more than a week overdue, but looking at what I have learned, I think he was born right around 40w 5d, not the 42w the US doctor estimated (via last period) and I am more convinced than ever that the iduction was done too soon.

Maria said...

That comment was a bit confusing for those who might not know the history. The Boy was concieved in France (Doctor #1), in utero during the summer in the US (Doctor #2) and born in Germany (Midwife plus Doctor #3).

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