Monday, August 10, 2009

Daddy and The Boy: When Breastfeeding Makes Us Laugh

On Saturday, I took the train to Philadelphia for a dinner with some friends. I returned well in to the night in order to be able to take The Boy (and daddy) to the National Zoo on Sunday. No big deal. Right?
Well, last night I went to put The Boy to bed. He asked to nurse, which is about par for the course. Then he proceeded to tell me a story, which my husband tells me was the truth. It went something like this.
Last night you were not here. You went to see a friend. I asked Daddy to nurse. He told me he did not have any milk. Daddy does not have milk. I wanted to nurse on Daddy's breast. He has no milk though.  Mommy? Can you nurse me? I like your milk. You have milk, but daddy doesn't.
You get the drift. Five minutes of this and I was trying not to laugh hysterically the entire time. Even thinking about it makes me want to laugh. I hope you're chuckling too.


Melodie said...

That's awesome! My husband and daughter routinely have a joke going on between them that goes like this: "Does Daddy have milkies?...Nooo! - Do you have milkies?...Nooo! - Does Mommy have milkies?...Yesss!" And sometimes my daughter who is two will pretend that daddy does have milkies and try to lift up his shirt, all the while giggling. The other day he asked her "Do you wish Daddy had milkies?" And she pitifully nodded her head and snuggled her head on his chest and made fishy lips, pretending to nurse. It was so cute!

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