Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fitness is Important

People often remark that I do not need to exercise because I am thin. While I am not as thin as I once was, I have to admit, eating right has mostly kept my size in check. None the less-- I often times want to respond "Maybe I am thin BECAUSE I eat right and exercise." Assuming it just occurs while I eat McDonalds and chips is frustrating to me. None the less... I have been slack in the exercise department since The Boy was born. I go through spurts where I get back to it, but then this or that happens, and I am back to not working out as consistently as I would like.
It has been one of my goals to get back to regular workouts, and in the interest of holding myself accountable, I have decided to set a goal to get back to road racing. I was never a star, but at least if I have something specific to work towards, I can stay more focused. I would like to run some 5Ks this fall and in the spring, working up to 10K and eventually within two years, if my body holds up, run a marathon. I won't be fast, but I do expect to accomplish these tasks and improve along the way.
In the interest of accountability, I will be tracking my workouts on this blog. I am going to post on Monday/Tuesday of each week my workout schedule for the week (hopefully with my husband's help since this is his area of expertise) as well as a recap of last week's work.  When I get back to Tulsa, I intend to incorporate more cross training, but right now, I am trying to cardio/run three days a week and do abs and strength stuff in between. Of course, I am trying to see the sites of DC, so I am certain things will need to be shuffled.
Week of August 17-- In DC so if it rains, I'm going to have to switch it up in the hotel gym.
Monday-- Run 30 minutes, stretch
Tuesday-- Abs/back, squats
Wednesday-- Run 30 minutes, stretch
Thursday-- Abs/back, weights (arms, legs)
Friday-- off
Saturday-- off
Sunday-- Run 30 minuts, stretch


Erica Lum said...

Sounds like a great plan Maria. I too can never stick to a workout plan. It can be really frustrating, and I've found that I need someone to encourage me to workout or workout with me. I'm looking forward to your workout plans, maybe I'll join in from a few thousand miles away! :)

Maria said...

I do better when I have someone too, which is why it is hard in DC. At least when I get back to the Tulsa office, I have a couple of people to at least push me to go at lunch! You can push me from afar though, and I'll nag you. ;-)

Rachel said...

DC is a great city to run in! There's so much to see as you whiz by. A few of my friends have been training in the District this summer and are running the Marine Corps marathon in October. I guess the marathon's site has a "virtual trainer," too, that might be helpful for someone just looking to get back into the swing of things: www.marinemarathon.com.

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