Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Feature: Boppy Pillow

I loved my Boppy. It saved me while nursing, allowing my arms to rest or for me to multi-task (read, blog, eat)! We used the Boppy for tummy time, and when I stopped using the Boppy EVERY time The Boy nursed, I used it to help him sit up, to place toys around his Bumbo chair, or as a "stopper" to keep him on the bed in the event he decided he wanted to learn how to roll over that very second. In his sleep. Head over heels. No one said I was completely rational at the time!

Some women prefer My Breast Friend, but I dug my Boppy, so much so that I brought it with me to Germany. I liked that it kept The Boy rolled slightly in, so I knew he wouldn't fall off and he did not pull away from the breast. I liked that he fell asleep on it. I liked that I could hold him and the pillow and move from the couch to computer chair without disturbing his nursing or sleeping. I am sure you can do those things with other pillows, but I am a Boppy woman!


Bethany said...

The Boppy is a must have. I loved that thing!!

katandkarl said...

yea, i was a breast friend kind of girl! nate always needed to be just so in the beginning and it seemed like the breast friend lent itself to that.

i want to BF again.

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