Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'll be there for you...

It's been a bit of a rough week around here. The Boy and Kevin are visiting DC, which is great. We went to the zoo Sunday, and all around have been having a great time.
One thing lingers on my mind though. The Boy and attachment parenting-- not because I do not believe in the principles of attachment parenting, but because I can see the difference of my absense and the absense of how I implement the principles in the past few weeks. I see The Boy being clingier, more anxious and not wanting me to leave. His secure world certainly has been turned upside down, and as such, this will be my last long-term assignment away from him. It simply is not worth it to me. 
He deserves better.
He deserves to reach out and know I am there when he needs me. 
I have been the constant since his birth-- even as Kevin comes and goes for seasons, I have always been there. No matter how great the relationship is between the two, The Boy definitely has come to derive his consistency from me.
I was nervous for a reason...


Anonymous said...

While I think your decision not to continue assignments away is a good one, I don't think this time was bad either. (Contradictory?) Imagine all the new experiences that The Boy and Kevin have had together. It's also good practice for if you were had to be away for some reason in the future. And he got it when you could communicate each day.

Great kid, great family

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