Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Nursing Continues

Tuesday I raced home from work to see The Boy and Kevin. I knew The Boy was napping, and because he had an early morning and a short nap on the airplane, we were not in a hurry to wake him. I am sure you moms know that this took all of my will power! I had not seen The Boy in almost a month. A month without his smiles. A month without his hugs and kisses. A month without nursing.

When I did finally wake him by saying his name and jostling him a bit (it was six o'clock...rise and shine), he sat up quickly and displaed his bright shining smile. The excitement on his face was pure and loving. After some hugs, snuggles and kisses, he asked to nurse. I talked to him about how he said he was not going to nurse anymore, which we discussed leading up to my departure, and he became sad. After talking a bit more, we decided to nurse. I warned him that there might not be much milk, but he assured me, once latched, that there was indeed milk.

He did not nurse long-- just a couple of minutes-- but I have to admit, I smiled the entire time. I am curious-- how often will he ask and for how long. The coming days will be an adventure, and I intend to enjoy each and every precious minute.


Rebecca said...

That is amazing! You still have milk!

I think he will be done at some point. He'll eventually stop asking. What a gift you are giving him by letting him decide when he is ready. Not many mothers give that gift!

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