Thursday, August 13, 2009

A shining personality

Yesterday, The Boy came up to my work place. This is not in and of itself newsworthy or out of the ordinary. He likes to see where I work, and it is fun to have him explore a new place. Plus, it is always nice to make those around me smile, and they always do with The Boy. He has always been friendly and personable. He is social and likes people. I would say that I wonder where he got that from, but I already know the answer.
In the past few months though, something has definitely lit up in his personality. Not only is he social, but I think he possesses a blossoming "shining light" personality-- all eyes on me. He likes to show people his forward roll (no kidding) and make people laugh. It is not that he cannot function without attention (he does his roll when he thinks I am not looking too), but I believe he is becoming a performer.
I am tempted, in some ways, to try to temper this portion of his personality, but in truth, I know that I must work with him to learn when it is or is not appropriate. I definitely do not want to squash it, because if he does decide that athletics, music, theater, public speaking, etc are things he would like to be involved in, this personality trait will serve him well! At the same time, he can not be doing somersaults during the middle of a math lesson.
It is fun to watch The Boy develop his own personality. It is hard not to try to make him a mini-me.
Any gentle tips that do not involve shaming, spanking or otherwise suppressing his personality permanently? In other words-- loving guidance. It might not work for us, but it cannot hurt to ask. I'd also love to hear opinions on if/how I should just step-back and allow him to learn on his own (within reason of course).


Anonymous said...

He has a natural smile, both in person and in pictures, that always brings a smile to my own face. Don't mess with his showmanship except in the most dire of circumstances.

Hippie Housewife said...

I, too, would suggest stepping back and allowing his "performer" side to show. As you said, "it is not that he cannot function without attention", so to me it wouldn't be a concern. I would keep a careful eye on him to be sure that things remain that way, and step in only if it appears that he is becoming dependent on the attention and approval of others. Of course, as you said, it needs to be tempered in terms of when that side of his personality shows, by way of helping him to work with it rather than by diminishing it altogether.

He sounds like a delightful little boy. :)

Maria said...

Thanks! Your responses make me feel a lot better about stepping back and allowing him the freedom to express himself. Of course, I will watch that he is not dependent on the approval, because that also does not fit my parenting style, nor do I think it would be good for his development, but it is nice to have reassurance that this is ok. :)

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