Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some Sundays I Need A Nap

I consider this another life lesson from my two year old. My life tends to get hectic. Truth be told, I enjoy the chaos to a certain extent, but there are times when I must slow down. I know this. My body knows this, yet often times I keep pushing on to the next task or project. The Boy shares this trait. He is the energizer bunny. A miniature version of myself.

What was my lesson from The Boy?

I must slow down.

Today after a long morning at the zoo, he asked me to snuggle him to sleep, which of course involved nursing. We both slept for two and a half hours, and I must admit-- I thought I would use the time to blog or respond to email or other things I had neglected. Instead, I snuggled my little boy, took the time to rest and replenish, and ended up slowing down. I feel refreshed and ready to face the energy of a two year old and finish up my day strong.

Maybe this does not make sense, but truly, rest is important, and sometimes I need my two year old to remind me. :)


Bethany said...

I nap with Parker most days (during the summer). I can't keep up with him without it. Sometimes I get stuff done for an hour then sleep for an hour! I have no problem losing an hour to sleep, and suggle

Rebecca said...

Oh, it totally makes sense!

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