Saturday, August 15, 2009

What Might Have Been?

The Boy and Kevin left DC today. I have to admit, I was quite sad about it. After getting a manicure and pedicure, I decided to roam DC. Maybe to read a book? Or visit a museum? I was not sure, but I needed to do something. Going back to my empty and suddenly quiet hotel room just did not seem like a good idea.

I ended up at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, which I will blog more about tomorrow. After the Museum, I walked around and ended up eating a long leisurely dinner at M&S Grill near at Metro Center. I sipped beer, contemplated life, and read a book.

There was nothing exceptional about my dinner, but as I was eating some berries for dessert, I could not help but wonder what life would have been like if different roads had been taken. I did not wonder because I am not content with my current life, but I was truly enjoying sitting outdoors and enjoying my time in a way I knew I did not feel ten years ago. It reminded me of the cafes of France or Germany-- when I would sit and watch people enjoying the time.

Maybe the experience was a nice reminder (again!) to slow down. I know I do not want to be alone forever, but it was nice for that moment in time. Still... I miss the guys and can't wait to see them. In the mean time, I'll enjoy lingering at outdoor tables...contemplating life... rediscovering me amidst my identity of wife and mother.


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