Monday, August 24, 2009

Workouts: Week of 24 August

First, a run down on last week.

Week of August 17--
Monday-- Run 30 minutes, stretch (check)
Tuesday-- Abs/back, squats (check on the abs, but I stayed out shopping/happy hour too late)
Wednesday-- Run 30 minutes, stretch (check)
Thursday-- Abs/back, weights (arms, legs) (abs/back check-- boo on weights)
Friday-- off (check-- ha ha)
Saturday-- off (check, but I did walk all morning long on tours, etc)
Sunday-- Run 30 minutes, stretch (Big fat boo. I felt like a cold /illness was coming on, so I stuck to the couch and grocery shopping)

Week of 24 August
Monday-- run 40 minutes (if I'm not feeling sick still)
Tuesday-- off (Happy Hour!)
Wednesday-- run 40 minutes
Thursday-- abs/squats
Friday-- run 40 minutes
Saturday-- run 40 minutes
Sunday-- off

Are you working out? Tagging along? How is it going? Are you motivated?


ANHD said...

Hey! I'm trying to get back into the workout groove myself after about several months off (last few weeks of pregnancy and first six weeks post-partum). It's so much harder to get a good work-out in now that I have a baby to care for but I've been dong a fairly good job doing some workout dvds. Best of luck to you as you continue on toward your fitness goals!

Maria said...

Thanks! There are some fun mommy and me DVDs available. Have you tried any?

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