Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Different Sides of Discipline

I have written quite a bit about what discipline looks like in our home. Melodie wrote a couple of posts recently on Behavior Modification: Punishment and Behavior Modification: Praise. I found them very interesting-- in part, because I think that it is easy to misrepresent what discipline looks like in my home and others' when discussing discipline sans physical punishment.

Guiding young people towards becoming loving, compassionate adults is not a challenge taken lightly by any parent. While we do not hit our son or punish him physically, we also do not over-praise him. I am very cognizant of The Boy's shining personality and am watching carefully to ensure that praise does not become his crutch. At the same time, it is limiting praise (and rewards) that was the hardest habit for me to break. I'm still a work in progress!

Check out the two posts. They are interesting!


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