Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Feature: The Freshaire Choice

We have been preparing our house for sale, and one item on the "to do" list was paint the ceiling in the living room, hall, and kitchen. Most people would say-- no big deal. I said "no big deal" and then realized after painting the hall that it was a VERY BIG deal. Oh my. Painting ceilings rates up there with snakes on things I do not enjoy. Fortunately, after a quick message on Facebook, I found out that a friend from Le Leche League paints and could do it in the timeframe we needed!

What does this have to do with my Friday Feature?

Last year, when I decided to paint The Boy's room, I went in search of a no-VOC paint that I could purchase in Tulsa. Not only did I want no-VOC in the can, but I wanted the color additive to be no-VOC too. This is no small feat, I assure you!

Larger cities and the East and West coasts tend to have more options, but there was one paint-- The Freshaire Choice-- available in Tulsa (sold at Home Depot).

After using this paint last year for The Boy's room, I am certain it will be our paint of choice for a LONG time. The coverage is good. It's no-VOC. It has virtually no odor at all actually. We moved The Boy back in to his room just hours after painting! Needless to say, we also used the paint for our living room, hallway, and on our ceiling.

The Freshaire Choice has 65 colors from which to choose! Happy Painting!


Bethany said...

I'm going to try that when I get around to painting my kitchen

Rebecca said...

What is "No-VOC"?

Maria said...

No-VOC, or without volatile organic compounds. VOC's vaporize and join compounds in the air to form ozone. They are generally associated with respiratory problems and other illnesses. Here is a more detailed description of VOC.

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