Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Feature: Quinoa

It is no secret that I have been steadily, in baby steps, been working to further refine and improve the diet of my family. We eat less meat, more raw foods, more vegetables and fruits, green smoothies, and fewer processed foods than ever. With a changing diet, we have also discovered new foods that we never thought of eating before-- foods we love! One such food is quinoa.

Quinoa is a grain-like plant, but not truly a grain. We consume the seeds, though in areas where it is grown, you can also eat the greens. Quinoa is nutrient dense and has a high protein level (I've read as high as 18%). The protein is a complete complex amino-acid and highly absorbable, so it is a great subsitute for meat in our diet.

Quinoa is easy to prepare, and I often time substatue it for rice or pasta in dishes. You can also purchase it as a pasta. It tastes quite mild with nutty undertones. The texture is fluffy with a slight bite from the germ.

More on quinoa--
Quinoa Corporation (makers of quinoa pasta, flakes, flour and quinoa distributor-- also has recipes)
Quinoa nutrition information and more
Whole Food Blog-- tons of information and recipes using quinoa
Quinoa and Black beans-- our latest discovery. I add butternut squash to it, and we all devour this tasty dish!


Jessica said...

I'm a huge fan of quinoa. I discovered it when my mom was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease, but aside from being gluten-free, I love it for its taste and its flexibility. I use it as a breakfast cereal for my 2 yo sometimes, too (think cream of quinoa). He loves it!

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