Saturday, November 14, 2009

And the winner is...

First, thank you to everyone for entering the contest! I really enjoy holding them, and I hope you enjoy entering! I hope to make them a more regular occurrence on A Piece of My Mind.

I wasn't sure how this topic would go over when I posed the question, and I might have changed the wording because "activism" means different things to different people and even different dictionaries, but I certainly am glad that so many took the time to ponder the question, no matter what or how you view the term! I have learned something from each post, and I hope that everyone will take the time to read the entries.

Without further adieu-- the entries and results!

Carrie writes at After all the Folderol, "I try to encourage others to be green, not tell. I try to explain, not insist. And I try to inform, not preach. And I try to be positive, not judgemental." Check out her full entry!

Bethany at Adventures in Mommyhood writes about being torn between her job requiring her her to insist on proper dosage and taking the back seat when the situation warrants it for other passions. Bethany got a bonus entry for tweeting the contest. :)

Anadia from Desperately Real Housewife wrote, "how do i balance being humble while attempting to spread the Word, advance His kingdom, remain in love, and fulfill His will? it's written plain and simply in His Word... give him the glory. ...  i find my balance in LIVING the Word." Anadia earned a bonus entry for tweeting too. :)

Carol left a comment on my post about being passionate and saving humbleness for later.

Alexandra from Traveling Allowed writes about being an encourager and motivator and "I think the only way to achieve humility in activism is by asking God for help" and "Living a life of humble activism means understanding that there may be more than one 'right' answer."

Erin from Married to a Baller focuses on Jesus and God's grace. Erin writes, "The best way I know to stay humble is to know who I truly am."

And the winner is... (yes, I made a video of The Boy pulling a name out of a hat.)

Congratulations Alexandra! Pick your prize. The Kleen Kanteen or the itunes gift certificate.

Thank you again everyone for entering. :)


ANHD said...

Wow! This was such a great contest. Thanks for sponsoring (and thanks to The Boy for drawing my name :) I think I will pick the Kleen Kanteen for my prize. It looks like a great product. Thanks again!

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