Thursday, November 19, 2009


One of my favorite parts of greening, simplifying, and taking charge of my health is my ever increasing sense of self-awareness. Before you begin to think I am self-centered, allow me to explain.

The deeper I dive, the more aware I am of how my body feels when it is functioning in perfect health, as it was designed. When something starts to go wrong, I can pinpoint it, usually quite quickly. I know at the first tingle what is going on. I know when I ovulate, not based on a calender of an "average" cycle, but rather my unique cycle. I know when a cold is coming. I know when my diet is not in my unique balance, and when I am not meeting my body's need to recover. I understand the first sign of stress and distress in my body often times before I would have even thought of stress in my younger years.

I have become incredibly self-aware, and I like it. It increases my happiness to be able to help myself be and stay healthy. I suppose this post has no point other than to say that.

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