Saturday, November 7, 2009

Contest prizes

Someone once asked on twitter (sorry, I don't remember who) if people purchase their own contest prizes. For me, the answer is yes. I purchase all of the gifts I give away on this blog. I generally chose items that I have enjoyed and want to share with others.

I have been asked to review and promote products, but I turn down those opportunities and the prizes that go with them. When I started this blog, I needed a place to dump a piece of my mind-- the pieces that I didn't feel belonged on the family blog. I would define that point as the time in my life when I became a lactivist. I do not feel like I can maintain that freedom of expression and keep my Friday Feature neutral. I feel like I would be compromising my message.

This is not to say that others would be doing those things, but that is how I feel. And so... I will continue to buy the giveaways. I hope you don't mind. ;-)


melissa said...

i want to see a diva cup giveaway! :) :) :)

Rebecca said...

This tells me that your expressed opinions, not that I ever suspected otherwise!

Maria said...

You must have missed the Diva giveaway. Maybe I'll have another one. ;-)

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