Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crown Financial Ministry And More

Yesterday, I didn't Crown Financial Ministry's Journey to True Financial Freedom one day seminar. Quite honestly, I had no idea how many practical tools I would walk away with! Yes, there was a lot of scripture, and there was some information on tithing, but the REAL LIFE practical budgeting, spending, and getting out of debt information was heads and tails above any other financial seminar I have attended. (Two to be exact.)  I think it was well worth my $25, and I am glad I went. I hope to write a bit more about our journey down that path more in the future, but first I have work to do!

Today I am substitute teaching in my Sunday School class. Pray for me. I thought I was going to teach a lesson on being Fearless (courtesy of Max Lucado), but instead, when I went shopping for a hard copy of the Lucado book (I read it on my phone courtesy of the Kindle app), I found a book called "Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate," which has some great material that I will use as a foundation in a lesson on judgment. There are portions of the book with which I do not agree, but it was written by a conservative evangelical (Jerry Bridges) for conservative evangelicals, so that does not surprise me. However, much of the material crosses over in to other denominations. 

I can't wait, but I admit, I am a bit nervous. This is my first time leading, and I have no idea what lead me to approach the instructor and VOLUNTEER (ACK) to teach a lesson in his absence.  Something in my heart...the in courageous ways. Pray for me!


Erin said...

Sounds like a good seminar. Looking forward to more of your thoughts int hat area. Another great read is Randy Alcorn's "Money, Posessions and Eternity". Another conservative evangelical, but I think you would still be challenged and encourged by it.

I have had Bridge's "Respectable Sins" sitting on my Kindle for almost a year now. You have intrigued me to read that one soon. I am trying to get as many paper books read before heading home for Christmas though:)

Maria said...

Have you read "The Treasure Principle" by Alcorn? I need to probably check out both. Our financial journey will be interesting. It has been so far, and I see no reason to put it out on the line with the rest of my life and admit we've made some mistakes and been misguided for a variety of reasons. After the seminar, I feel more equipped with tools to continue to improve in that area of our lives-- I think that is what impressed me most with the seminar.

I am not opposed to reading books by conservative evangelicals, but it is hard to ignore or at least not acknowledge, that there are portions of the Evangelical position in Christianity with which my beliefs (and the beliefs of others really) do not align. I continue to pick up evangelical books, so I doubt I'd stop reading their works any time soon. Sometimes I have to put the book aside until I am more ready though, because there are definitely times in my life that I am more open to their writings than others.

Re: "Respectable Sins"-- I've enjoyed it. I still have a little more to go to finish it, and the class enjoyed the lesson and asked that I do more if Mike (our teacher, not our pastor) cannot make it. I completely understand about the paper books though. :)

Erin said...

"The Treasure Princciple" is basically just an abridged version of "Money, Possessions, and Eternity" and is good as well, but I prefer the long version;)

I am in the middle of 3 boosk right now, so I need to get my butt moving and finsih one fo them! A different one strikes me each day though:)

Maria said...

Ah ok. I should have looked it up. In Crown, they spoke of the Treasure Principle, which is why I asked.

I'm reading 3 too, but I need to focus on my in person Tulsa book club book this week or I won't get it done!

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