Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Feature: Envirosax & Baggu

I was going to do these two separately, but I love them both for different reasons.

I love the Baggus for throwing in my purse and carrying in my pocket. Their individual pouches are handy (throw it in the bottom while bag is in use), and I have a sack to carry them to the market. I also REALLY love their produce bags. They are durable, easy to use, and super light. Baggu now offers a "Duck Bag," which is made of 100% recycled cotton canvas.

When I am going to be grocery shopping, especially on busy days or with The Boy, I prefer to use Envirosax. Why? They roll up nice and neat and are easier to get out and unrolled quickly. Envirosax just came out with an organic line, which I am excited to try.

I have found the quality to be equal for both brands, and both companies allow you to send the bags back for a credit of $1 off the purchase of a new bag once a bag has become damaged (not enough for a new bag, but a little something), so they can reuse/recycle the material.

Friday Feature...a two for one special.

Tomorrow, I'll announce the contest winners! :)


Rachel said...

These are two of my very favorite products, too! I gave Envirosax for Christmas last year. :)

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