Sunday, November 8, 2009

Resonating message

Last week I was cleaning out my Google Reader like I generally do every couple of weeks. I subscribe to way too many blogs, and I can never keep up, but sometimes those I might have deleted bring a delightful message, so I am hesitant to cut too many out. None the less, I was reading through, when a post titled "We are Killing the Church" on Lives of Significance rang through to my heart. 

I fully believe that Jesus loves us. I truly believe that Jesus formed the church and loves the church. And I fully believe that we, the institutional church of North America, make Jesus want to puke.
I often think the same thing, especially as the institutions turn inward and forget the outward missions of Jesus. I think of this when I hear the considerable anger expressed during public discourse. And yes, I fall on the side that thinks this when I see other Christians failing to love their neighbors, irregardless of faith or non-faith, in the certainty that one group is so very right that all others are regulated to second class citizens.  I am convicted by the post, and yet my lack of certainty and humility leads me to know that I might not be right either.

I am currently reading The Faith Club, which has opened my eyes exponentially to the parallels of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. A lot of my past doubts about my own faith have been shared, but I am once again reminded that even if I am not "right," Christianity helps me to lead a good life-- one of love and compassion.

Yes,  I am convicted, but I am ok with that too. 


Unstoppable Spirit said...

Your blog got me thinking of my own faith. As for me, to be in the right path. I just have the faith, trust and belief in God that He will lead me to the right path. It is overwhelming out there. So, I keep praying and in prayer I open my heart and I listen to God when He speaks to me.

dulce de leche said...

Thank you for sharing that. I love your blog! Every time I read it there is something satisfying to sink my teeth into and make me think.

Maria said...

Thank you for your encouragement ladies. :)

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