Sunday, November 22, 2009

When Sunday comes...

Last week I taught my Sunday school class for the first time. Oh, let's make the full confession, it's the first time I have taught any class for persons above the age of twelve. I thought it went well, and I have been asked to teach again next Sunday while our normal teacher visits his son's church to hear him preach.  Anyway, please pray for me again! I need it more than ever.

Today was Consecration Sunday at Yale Avenue, and while it is relatively easy for me to check the box on the number of Sunday services I will attend and who I will pray for (church, family, others) and to fill in the line for financial giving, I always struggle with how to share my talents. This is one area where I am constantly at a loss-- especially in recognizing my talents and applying them as gifts towards others. Sure, I can host an amazing dinner party, but I don't think that's what was meant.

In discussing this with the teacher of my class, he tells me that I am talented in vigilance.  Sadly, I had to ask what he meant, not because I didn't know what the word means, but because I was having a hard time applying it to our class and how I could use it to help others.  Apparently, I am alert and take in what is around me and can go one step further in applying it to our class (paraphrasing his reply).  I read a lot, even books outside my comfort zone, and study the Bible. I was happy to learn he thinks this is a good thing, and I keep him on his toes, but I am still thinking about what that means and how I can use it when it comes to church. I admit, I have never thought of it as a talent, and sometimes see it as a burden! 

I ended up writing on the line that I would continue to volunteer to substitute for our teacher when he must be absent from class. This is stepping outside my comfort zone, but I will NUTS (never underestimate the spirit) and grow in the process!

What do you see as your talent? How do you use it?


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