Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Memory: Sleeping next to the tree

When I was younger, I often times spent weekends and breaks at my Grandparent's house in Watkins. At the time, it was a big sleepover. My youngest uncle is just four years older than I, and my youngest aunt just six years my senior. There was another uncle barely older than her still at home too. As a result, I often times felt more like they were my brothers and sister than my aunt and uncles.

During the holiday season, we often times slept next to the tree on the floor in the living room. We'd use the cushions from the couch as pillows, and we would try hard not to kick over the nativity scene. The figures were white ceramic and very breakable. One year, unfortunately, I broke the head off one of the wise men, if I remember correctly, and Grandma glued it back together.

There was something special about sleeping under the tree and next to the nativity scene. We were packed in the living room-- gifts, tree, nativity scene, bodies, and furniture all around. The lights twinkled and reflected off the big picture window before being unplugged for the night.


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