Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Traditions-- a contest

A few days ago, a fellow basketball wife and friend of mine, Erin, posted about the importance of traditions in making holidays special. Her post really has me thinking about the traditions I enjoy and what makes the holidays special to me (including and besides Jesus' birth) and how that has changed through the years. I think I have only blogged about one that I can remember-- Salem Christmas. It is a holiday tradition that really touches my heart, but it didn't happen when I was a young child. It was revived when I was a bit older (high school maybe? Grandma??). I feel like the more I am away from where I grew up and my family there, the more I forget the old traditions-- the ones that make me smile in remembrance, so I am going to try to post a few over the next few weeks.

December 2004-- Salem Christmas

Now for the contest part--

Blog (on a web blog, note on facebook, whatever) and leave a link in the comments or post a comment describing a tradition that means a lot to you. Be sure to tell why! You can earn one entry for each tradition post you make between now and Christmas. Also, you can earn a bonus entry by tweeting with a link to this blog. I am cross-posting this with the family blog, but I prefer to keep it mostly over here. I'm sure you can understand.

The prizes-- There will be three! The winners can choose from $25 itunes gift card or a one year subscription for Preserve toothbrushes for you and one other person of your choosing. If someone should win and prefer something else...say a Diva Cup... or Amazon certificate instead of itunes, I am open to that too.

The Deadline for entries is December 24th at 7:00 AM Central time. I have no idea why such a strange time. I will announce the winners on Christmas Day. :)


care said...

I entered your contest!!! it was good seeing you on Friday!

care said...

and I entered it again!


care said...

Last one! Thanks for doing this!

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