Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Feature: Tea, tea and more tea

I know I blogged on my favorite medicinal teas a few weeks ago, but that is not the only tea I enjoy. I also enjoy The Republic of Tea and Rishi teas. Fortunately, these teas are committed to sustainability, though in slightly different ways, which fits in with my goal of increasing fair trade purchases.

The Republic of Tea is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which is working towards a sustainable and fair tea industry. While not all teas sold by The Republic of Tea are certified as fair trade, I feel as though their efforts in this area are worthy of the purchase.

Rishi is a fair trade certified tea. I especially enjoy their white tea.

One thing I like about both brands-- loose leaf tea. It is completely different than bags. I still like the bags-- especially for work-- but at home, I drink more loose leaf tea. And no offense to the iced tea drinkers out there, but I like mine hot.

In an effort to not drink much caffeine, I do tend to limit myself to one or two cups of leaf tea per day and then drink herbal for the rest of the day. There is nothing quite like a cup of tea to keep me feeling warm and hydrated. Additionally, there more tea is studied, the more the health benefits of tea come to light-- especially green and white teas!


My friend, Bethany, is having a contest to win a basket o' tea goodies. Swing by her place and comment for an opportunity to win!


Robyn said...

My absolute favorite flavor of tea is licorice. Never thought I would like it because I'm not too fond of the candy, but the tea is amazing.

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