Monday, January 4, 2010

Gotta Get Goals 2010 Style

Because there is nothing like being accountable to around 100 friends, strangers, and everything in between, here are my 2010 goals.

Spiritual and Personal Growth. I will spend time each day in prayer and reflecting on my life, taking note of areas that need improvement and those where improvements have been made. Specifically this year, I will focus on compassion.

Financial. After doing a Crown Financial Ministry one day seminar, I have been working to ensure our financial decisions reflect what is important to us. Our goal this year is to find a balance between frugality, necessity, and giving that reflects our priorities.

Personal Fitness. Dang it. I WILL WORK OUT!!! Regularly. I love working out, but I hate that I feel like I must do it at lunch or not at all. There isn't enough time after work for me to get a workout in and care for The Boy, so I am going to find a schedule that works and stick to it!

Family. I will work to ensure we have adequate family time. In looking back at 2009, between work and friends, we did not have a lot of "just us" time, and I would like for that to change. This is not to say that we won't or don't want to spend time with friends, but rather, we need to be more diligent in doing things as a family.

Books. I read 17 books in the last half or third of 2009, so I think it is realistic to hit 40 books in 2010. I have the advantage of two book clubs, which accounts for 24 books alone, and a distinct lack of mandatory academic reading!

Academic. I will spend some serious time, thought and prayer deciding what to do next. PhD? Second Master's Degree? Research position at IWR? Who knows, but I need to really spend some time there reviewing options.

The Environment. Oddly, this is the hardest one for me, not because I have it all done, but because I am not sure which of the million things I want to do next. After a lot of thinking, I am going to work on my support of fair-trade by reducing the amount of unfair items I purchase and increasing fair-trade purchases. (James 5:1-4) I also have a goal to replace our teflon cookware with stainless steel and cast iron.

Goals. I will review my goals monthly and revise as necessary. Thankfully, Erin pointed me to a program called Things, which allows me to sent a nice reminder/to do! :)


Rebecca said...

My goals for 2010: come up with some meaningful goals like yours for 2011. :)

Seriously - great goals.

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